To prove that our “planning session” was not just an excuse to get together to have beer, it is probably prudent to document our discussion. Consider this your doctor’s note of sort to get you out of trouble with your M.

In the far, far corner of Cary (no we were not in Durham) oh so painfully far away (the horror!) from everyone except YHC, Franklin, and Goose the PAX assembled for our first planning session. Look at little ol’ CarPEX all growed up and everything. In fact, we had much to discuss. Thankfully, Franklin came prepared with a written agenda and Banjo with his CSAUP map, notebook, and pen (although I didn’t see a lot of writing going on). Hermes came in for EC 12 oz. curls so his biceps were bulging by the time YHC arrived.

We began by pulling tables together as PAX trickled in – something like 16 or 17 in all – until it became unwieldy trying to yell. Riptide, freed to lead, negotiated us entry into the private room where we conducted our business in relative quiet.

F3 philosophy says that, in general, when a work out reaches >18 on a regular basis, it’s time to split the workout. Experience has proven that, while big numbers are great, they are difficult to Q and not as conducive to relationship building. We have a couple of problematic workouts in this regard – A-Team on Monday and Shakin Not Stirred on Wednesday. Another barrier can be distance. I’m told FOD on Tuesdays is hard to get to for some PAX. Frankly, I don’t see the problem there (I keed, I keed). Several solutions and options were discussed, including new locations as well as different kinds of workouts (running, kettle bell, standing IR, bike, ruck, etc.) While all those are always on the table, what looks like is going to happen is Hermes starting a new Tuesday workout in the Tryon Rd / Cary Parkway area. Note that this is not something that was directed or voted on. The best formula for growth is where someone sees a need and steps up to fill that need. To that, I say Aye, Hermes! Look for an announcement soon on location and launch date. Of course, we will suspend FOD on launch day in support of the new AO.

Second, Burt, Hot Spot, and some of our other runners are going to lead a running workout on Wednesdays from Shaken Not Stirred, giving folks an option of a traditional bootcamp workout or a pure running workout. This maintains our pseudo party-style convergence atmosphere on Wednesdays that everyone seems to enjoy, as well as keeps PAX close by for the standing 3rd F event afterward.

No one has stepped up yet for an alternative to A-Team but some options discussed included something in North or Northwest Cary or Morrisville. My opinion is that we need to build demand and some local presence before establishing a new AO – similar to the way all the other CarPEX AOs have been established. To that end, Morrisville and the RTP area in general are mostly untapped areas, so if you know anyone in those areas, start recruiting.

Encouraging VQs
Leadership is being encouraged and developed all over the place lately, which is a good thing. We discussed ways to continue encouraging guys to Q and to grow their confidence to the point where they will want to do it on a regular basis. Generally, the private approach has proven to be successful. We’re better for having a group of guys who can all follow but step up and lead as well.

Inviting FNGs
While we have experienced a lot of growth in the past 6 months, we need to continue to recruit and put he EH on our friends, neighbors, co-workers, family members, church members, etc. It can be a tough sell in the Winter, but keep at it. Then, by the time the weather warms up, there will be no more excuses. F3 is a difference maker in men’s lives.

Freebird and Banjo are leading an effort to organize a CarPEX CSAUP event of our own, similar to the Mule and Bull. The proposed route follows the entire loop of Maynard Rd (which incidentally is 8.7 miles around). Banjo recruited a few other guys to help with the planning and organization. No date has been decided yet, but it will likely be sometime in May.

Charity Opportunities

Discussion centered around a couple of things here

  1. Raleigh has their associations with and workouts centered around Haven House and (brain fart, forgot the other one). It was suggested that it would be nice if we could adopt something similar in Cary to establish a positive influence in the lives of men down on their luck. Shutty and Banjo agreed to do some research some local charities that might be good candidates. Term Paper mentioned The Carrying Place as a possibility.
  2. Performing acts of charity as a brotherhood. Hot Spot mentioned possibly a Habitat for Humanity project. Riptide mentioned a charity he is involved with, Miracle League of the Triangle. Anyone is freed to lead to organize an event, or events. My recommendation would be to talk it up and gauge interest.

Acts of charity are not only a way for us to give back, live our faith, and demonstrate the F3 charter, it is a way to make F3 more public in the community. Not many people see us at 0545.

Burt brought up a point about formalizing EC like some of the Raleigh workouts have done. We pretty much concluded that if anyone wants to do that for a particular AO, they are welcome. I would just make sure to coordinate it with the site Qs so that it can be properly advertised via Twitter, or even the website

We wrapped as the State-Duke game was in its infant stages. As we left, State was, unsurprisingly, behind. Very surprisingly, State would go on to win. A good night all around.

Sound off in the comments if I missed anyone, or to create a NMS