24 raw pieces of Iron showed up today for Urban Jungle. Another beautiful morning here in Raleigh, and there is no place on earth we would all rather be than right here in the gloom with our brothers.

A light jog around the parking lot to soak in the scenery ended at the turf area to begin the “knocking of the dust”. Arm circles and Good mornings got us started.

A short instruction on the Turkish Getup, an exercise that works the midsection and lower back. Followed by a jog underground to the “pullup area” to smoke those lat muscles. 

3 sets of 5 Pullups OYO

2 sets of 4 partner assisted pullups OYO

2 sets of 3 partner assisted pullups OYO

Jog back around the complex to the turf area to begin the Merkin, Prisoner Squat Assualt. A pyramid of Merkins and Prisoners squats starting with 5 Merkins and 20 Prisoner Squats. Adding one Merkin and substracting one Prisoner Squat Each time. We made it to 12 Merkins, and 13 Prisoner Squats.

A short Mary of FlutterKicks and LBC’s finished the onslaught, light stretching and cool down followed. COT We learned that a lot of us have traveled and seen some pretty amazing places in our journeys. Tomorrow is the LAST DAY for registering for the GoRuck on May3rd. If you haven’t signed up (like me) then make sure you do so today. Lets crush this thing!! Prayer requests for Darby that he gets treated nicely by the IRS today. And lifting up the Brewer family for there loss.

Slash Led us in Prayer.

I touched briefly this morning on form. Paying attention to form in our workouts is crucial for building not only strength, but better recovery times between activities. As we get older, our recovery time needed increases due to the inability of our joints to help mend what we have disrupted by our physical activities. I ask you, as a brother, do not be afraid to make corrections in your exercises. There are a number of modifications that can be made to an exercise that still provide a decent workout, without compromising form.

Also, the workout doesnt stop at 0630, it continues through the day and into the night. Make sure you are stretching, give yourself 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening to start stretching. Buy a foam roller, research mobility exercises, put forth effort to increase your recovery time. Ive provided some links to check out for reference for anyone who is interested, or hit me up directly and i will help you anyway i can.

Until Next time.



This guy kinda knows what hes talking about with mobility: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLeREzs-nqI

A great foam roller, i own one, and i use it everyday: http://www.rakuten.com/prod/cando-black-composite-foam-rollers-6-x18-half-round/255169946.html?sellerid=27556688&scid=pla_google_ProTherapySupplies&adid=18183&gclid=CMKxreeFwr0CFRQS7AodQB4AWQ