One year ago I made my first post. Today I celebrated by leading a replay of that first workout, with a few updates here and there. The original was called Iron Sharpens Iron. And that’s exactly what we hoped to achieve today.

27 men, including 2 FNGs, gathered in the humidity and gloom, on this the first day of summer. 4 of those, lead by Country Wide headed off to serve a higher purpose at The Arena. The disclaimer given, the rest of us moseyed to the grassy amphitheater and circled-up, to be joined in short order by a couple of stragglers. Over a near continuous stream of mumble chatter from White Shoe and Chong Li, we got started.

SSH x30
IW x25
Windmill x20
Merkin x15
Sir Fazio Arm Circles x7 (and reverse)
Wide Grip Merkins x10

Partner up with someone roughly your size, and your ability. Now shake hands. One of you is on Team 1, the other Team 2. Form 2 lines, and Indian Run, via parking lot and road, to the rock pile.

Courts vs Rocks:
Team 1 hit the courts with YHC.
Team 2 hit the rocks with Costco for AMRAP in cadence until all of Team 1 returned from the courts. The faster Team 1 finished, the fewer reps Team 2 got. I did not keep count, but I figure someone did. That’s just how we do. And, even though he wasn’t there, I’m sure Epoxy is winning. Not that it would matter, given that Costco’s 3 count was at Gatling speed. Here’s the thang:
1. Team 1:  Figure M Sprints across 3 courts, sprint back to the rocks.
Team 2:  Squat Press IC until relieved by Team 1.  FLAPJACK.
2. Team 1:  Suicides across 3 courts, sprint back to rocks.
Team 2:  Staggered Merkins on rocks IC (switch every 10).  FLAPJACK.
3. Team 1:  Figure M Sprints.
Team 2:  Bicep Curls IC.  FLAPJACK
4. Team 1:  Suicides.
Team 2:  Wood Choppers IC (switch every 10).  FLAPJACK

Tooth Fairy emerged at some point during all this, and then we all headed over to the Half Pipe.

Jacob’s Ladder vs the Gun Show:
Team 1:  Hill toward tennis courts:  Jacob’s Ladder, with Burpees at the top (1-7), Squats at the bottom (7-1). Plank for full team to finish.
Team 2:  Pavilion, top of other hill:  Derkins x10, Dips x10, Irkins x10, Jump-Ups x10 OYO, AMSAP until Team 1 returns.  FLAPJACK

The humidity was in full effect at this point, forcing several to run to the water fountain for a 10 count. Words of warning from Tecumseh rang thru my head, but we all powered thru. No one had to be judo chopped in the neck. So we moved to the field beside the Pavilion for a little Competitive Mary.

Competitive Mary:
10 Burpees OYO (Asked for a 10 count, Costco called 10 burpees. Deja vu.)
Teams form lines, face each other, and plank. A member of Team 1 calls out a Mary exercise and count for Team 2 to complete IC. Team 1 planks in anticipation of their turn. Team 2 returns the favor with an exercise and count of their choosing. We completed 3 rounds including: Freddy Mercury’s, Ski Abs, V-Ups, Protractor, Boat/Canoe, and one other. The chatter at this point was in full force.

With Mary completed, the PAX was ready to head back down the hill for COT and their air-conditioned cars. But one last challenge remained for the teams. Those that were here a year ago were beginning to shake the cobwebs from their memories and knew what was coming. Jog to the upper COT area.

Laid out in the upper field, and ready to go was the Big-Ass Rope. Team 1 and Team 2 took their sides and dug in. White Shoe volunteered to judge the match, as his doctor had provided clear instruction: “Suicides, Jacob Ladders, and Jump Ups are fine, but definitely no Tug-o-War.” He gave the signal, and Team 1 simply dominated. There was never a question. Until it was over and Team 2 started counting the number on each team. Apparently they were struggling to accept their loss. A best of 3 was offered, but turned down. Mmm, okay, we see.

Count off and name-o-rama. Welcome FNGs Mama Dips and Boo Boo. Great to have you out, and hope to see you again. We now share an anniversary together.

Looking back, I love that my first post was titled “Iron Sharpens Iron.” It’s exactly what F3 stands for. Pushing us to be better men, husbands and fathers. And in doing so, pushing the men around us to do the same. As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. Thanks for all who came out to celebrate the Shaggaversary. I look forward to doing it again next year.

And before I forget, during my first COT, Utah announced that the upcoming Thursday, the 27th, would be the inaugural Dawn Patrol. And now, one year later, on this upcoming Thursday, the 26th, Costco and I will become your co-site-Qs for Dawn Patrol. Iron Sharping Iron.

Howard took us out. And all but a few made it to Coffeeteria. Great turn out.

Other Announcements:
1) Sign-up to Q! Go to the schedule ( and click on the Site Qs name. Most have google docs for sign-up. If they don’t, then message the Site Q and get on their list.

2) Participate in the Shaggy Challenge, to visit as many different sites as you can this summer, and earn the F3 Postmaster status. If you remember where you’ve posted this month, then add yourself to the spreadsheet. Do it to support those sites that are new, or a little further out.

3) July 4th Convergences: 7am at Late Night and Juggernaut. No other Raleigh workouts that day.

4) Oct 4th USMC Mud Run. Sign up now. This event is awesome. The Super Bowl of F3. Don’t miss it.

5) Oct 25th The M.U.L.E. Save the date. You can do this. More info coming.