The air was thick with humidity and anticipation for the return of Chippendale to the stage at Eastbound and Down. The PAX were numerous and as the clock started to creep towards 05:30 we all started looking around for the man of the hour.

5:29 — no Chippy.
5:30 — no Chippy.
5:31 — PAX are becoming restless and looking towards YHC for direction.
5:32 — PreNup tells me to step up, and my site Q responsibilities suddenly become a bit clearer.

Warm up — Some Stuff. Chippy not in attendance.

The Thang — We exercised without Chippendale.
After exercising without Chippendale we did more activities without him.
One more round of stuff minus Chippendale’s leadership was performed and the clock was nearing 6:17 (figured for the two minute late start we could go two minutes late to get your money’s worth).

Mary — An inspiring Mary was led by someone other than Chippendale (who was not in attendance).

The workout wasn’t the prettiest of things and perhaps not the most organized. I gave it the old college try, and if you weren’t sweating by the end it was your own fault. I know I needed to get back in the Gloom after a week away at the beach, and it was good to see some new/different faces at Eastbound. I fully realize they were there for Chippendale who didn’t bother to post/Q.

Prayers for Friar Tuck’s father who is undergoing bladder cancer treatment this week.
Prayers for Waldo’s son who is having his tonsils/adenoids taken out.
Prayers for Western Stranger as he takes his final round of boards tomorrow as well as for a quick return to normalcy after the flooding in his home.