Aye, July 4th dawned clear and humid at Wrightsville Beach and 9 pax answered the call for a holiday beatdown, gathering in the parking area next to Johnnie Merecer’s Pier (where early-bird beachgoers had already staked out parking spaces and their sand territory).

The Thang:

Warmup COP in gravel lot at corner of Salisbury and Lumina:
SSH; Merkins; Squats; Flutter Kicks-to-Dollies; Mountain Climbers

Run to parking lot next to Little Chapel on the Boardwalk Presbyterian Church:
Walking lunges halfway, sprint to end; sprint back to start
Bear crawl halfway, sprint to end; sprint back
Crabwalk halfway, sprint to end; sprint back

Run to end of street for COP next to the waterway:
Pushorama: Merkins; Larry Craigs; Stagger Right; Stagger Left; Diamonds

Run down Lumina; pausing to plank at Lagerheads

Stop in front of Wings to check out this year’s edition of the “Official Bikini Inspector” T-shirt and for a COP:
Bottom-to-Bottom Tabata cycle — squats in an 8x cycle of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, squatting at the bottom during the “rest” period.

Run across bridge; COP in parking lot of Intracoastal Realty office:
6 MoM: Flutters; Dollies; High Slow Flutter; Rosalita;LBC; Superman x 2; Plank Rotation.

Run back to intersection at Wings and Tower 7:
10 burpees OYO

Run onto beach:
Tabata sprints in sand, Rocky & Apollo Creed style; 10 burpees OYO

Jog back to JMP


Spreadsheets from the Gloom:

_ T-claps to Friday for leading a nice Shout Out and bringing the GCC ShovelFlag, to which we pledged allegiance at the close of the workout.

_ T-claps also to the three FNGs who posted for the first time to an F3 workout: YHC’s brother-in-law, Gilligan, Friday’s brother, Homer, and Homer’s 2.0, Learner’s Permit. Great job by all the first-timers.

_ We had an impressive showing from the Raleigh pax: Floppy Disk, King David, Soft Serve and Slash.

_ I’ve been coming to WVB since when MOBT and I were dating, back when Bill Clinton was president but no one had heard of Monica Lewinsky yet. It’s long been a personal dream of mine, frequent Wings customer that I am, to include the iconic home of sloganeering T-shirts, henna tattoos and Jonas Brother beach towels in a workout. Thanks for helping make it happen.

_ Right after we planked in front of Lagerheads and on our way to Wings, we ran past Red Dogs (“Since 1975”), for which one of our Charlotte pax is nicknamed. HT to Red Dogs.

_ If you weren’t down for the Fourth but are going to be in WVB for the weekend, we’ll do it again at 0700 Saturday, also from Johnnie Mercer Pier. I’m happy to split the workout with anyone who wants to take the lead for 30 minutes.