Six dry and sandless men would start, and six wet and sandy men would finish.  Undaunted by the lack of a specific workout plan (having never visited the workout site) and a locked tennis court (the only thing YHC knew could be used for 15 minutes of suicides and burpees), we jogged around and then warmed up.  The next 30 minutes consisted of sprints, merkins, little baby jump ups, quick feet, more running, irkins, derkins, and dips.  It was very random.  The remaining time was designated for Mr. Fungo and the beach.

As shown above, Fungo produced a variety of swim caps and we battled.  There were no losers, only winners. Either that or we did a series of merkins in the water, followed by a rather difficult crab walk, bear crawl set, then finished with flutter kicks.

-a memorable workout, and great start to the 4th of July.  What other group of guys voluntarily meets at 6am on vacation and looks forward to push-ups in the surf?

-YHC completely ate it on the first mini jump up.  It was a cartoon-esque fall, feet slipping straight off the concrete parking barrier resulting in a landing square on my back.

-part of the group wondered aloud how upset White Shoe would be if one of us got bitten by a shark and he wasn’t there to be part of it.  It would have completely one upped the whole GORUCK/water moccasin story.  Alas, it was not to be.

-crab walk is really hard in soft sand.