10 PAX arose from the humid gloom to get their weekend started off on the right foot

Fellowship run, SSH, imperial walkers, mountain climbers, arm circles, merkins, random stretches
Mosey over to the “beach” volleyball court

4 corners, 5 burpees at each corner, sprint forward, shuffle right, sprint backwards, shuffle left between – 2 rounds (40 burpees)

Fellowship run over to the construction zone and pick a “Duke Stone” – these mofos are not only expensive, but heavy.

Block Party: pick a partner – 1 group runs 100 yards and back while the other does an exercise, then switch
1) overhead press – run
2) bicep curl – run
3) goblet squat – backward run

“kettle bell” style swings and overhead rock throws
cadence walking lunges with the rock

Circle of fire: various forms of plank (high, low, bows/toes, sarkosy, putin) while each member runs to find a rock and bring it back to the middle of the circle – then each person grabs a rock and runs around while exercises are called out (LBCs, russian hammers, freddie mercuries, LBCs, supermans, little baby seals,…)

Stairwork – 1 flight of stairs each – single touch, bunny hop, right leg, left leg – repeato

Bring the blocks back
Fellowship run

– Welcome to Bob the Builder
– The construction worker informed us that the “bigger rocks” were behind the dump truck… he didn’t feel like joining us in the pain though…
– Community bacon platter by the Stig was a real winning idea.