Aye, three pax, including two repeat customers from Thursday, posted for a Saturday AM version of the Johnnie Mercer Pier workout at Wrightsville Beach.

The Thang:

_ Run west on Salisbury to parking lot of the former Scotchman gas station/convenience store for warmup COP:
_ SSH, mountain climbers, Imperial Walkers, LBC

_ Run along Loop to Wrightsville Beach town park, pausing at benches next to baseball field for a set of Sabans, featuring decline merkins and dips.

_ Jog to soccer field for 5 x Al Carmichael (run from one end line to the other, 10 reps, run back, 10 more reps): flutter kicks; plank jacks; squats; merkins; one more that I can’t remember …

_ 6MoM, led by King David: flutter kicks; hello dollies; rosalita; Russian twist; heels to heaven, might  be missing one here too …

_ Back to pullup bars for another set of Sabans, with pullups and oblique crunches.

_ Run out park and back down other side of Loop, stopping at Intracoastal Realty parking lot for 10 burpees.

_Run back across channel bridge (overtime) and up Lumina to JMP for finish.

_ CoT

Spreadsheets from the Gloom

_ For some reason I’m having a really hard time remembering some of the specific exercises we did for this, but we covered 3.5 miles, according to the Garmin, and plenty of strength stuff in as well. A good workout all around.

_ T-claps to King David for posting for a second time at JMP after Thursday’s IndePAINdence Day workout, and for bringing his brother-in-law, Greg Holman, from Grand Junction, Colo., with him. Greg, a hate-hate and former D2 lineman at Colorado Mesa, works for the Union Pacific railroad (thus the nickname, Casey Jones) and has dropped 40 pounds in recent months. Upon posting, he apologized for having stains on his workout shirt from the marinade he prepared for the freshly-shot elk he brought with him to WVB from Grand Junction — pretty much an F3 kind of guy.

_ Apologies to The Angry Scotsman, who made plans to join us but posted mistakenly to the town park instead of JMP, then came over to JMP to try to find us (by which time we naturally had moved our AO to the town park). Sorry for the mixup, Angrus — you would have been in your element with all the running.