On a humid day Repo, Maize, Ron Burgundy, Kupec, Abu Nazeer, Big Sproles and Schwin (FNG) showed up for some post IndePAINdence celebration. To honor the recently fallen Arizona firemen, it seemed appropriate that our theme would reflect their commitment.

The Thang:
• SSH x 19
• Morning Glory x 19
• Fazio Arm Circles x 19 (reverse x 19)
• Cross imperial walkers x 19

Mosey to parking deck for 19 decline merkins before jogging up four flights of stairs to top deck. Series of 19 suicides, run to first parking lot line and back, run to second line and back repeated 19 times.
Run down parking deck and head to lake. On the way, stopped for 19 box jumps. Next “rock” workout doing curls x 19 and tricep extensions x 19…on to lake.
Going down lake’s driveway forward lunges x 19 and merkins x 19. Jog to bottom and back up. Russian hammers x 19 and LBC x 19 (cross legs for another set of 19).
Mosey back to center grass court; Mountain climbers x 19, Rosalitas x19, WW II situps x 19, Side plank x19 (reverse x 19), 6 inch hold x 19 and finished with 19 count plank.
Run back to parking lot for COT.
The moleskin
• T – claps to Big Sproles for bringing FNG Schwin (aka B-I-L)
• Q lost count a few times due to thinking of next exercise…or was it due to upcoming “big O” birthday. Maybe there will be a Senior F3 to accommodate such pax.