In pioneering fashion, the first ever F3 Pamilico County launched with a healthy dose of pain.

Note: all Jogs fellowship pace

Warm up: Jog 1/4 mi. 20x SSH, 20x Imperial Walkers, 10x windmill, 20x mountain climbers

Tha’ Thang:

20x Derkins, 20x Incline Merkins, 20x squats

15x all of the above, 10x all of the above, 5x all of the above.

3 exercises, 3 PAX- Round 1: 5x man-makers, 70lb curls to fail, Box jumps/ step ups timed by man-makers.

Round 2: 3x Man-makers, Curls to fail, Box Jumps/step-ups timed by man-makers.

Next: Over the creek! Jump over the creek- for each jump- 1 merkin. 10x

Jog to People’s chair for 30 count, Jog to people’s choice: Derkin/ Incline Merkin/ step up – on the saw horse, Jog back Balls to the Wall 30 count.

Merry: 20x LBC, 20x WW2 V ups (Potsy’s invention), 20x Freddie Mercury, 25x side-to-side sit ups.

Finish with a 20 Merkin flourish.