I was taken back to my Milli Vanilli days (I still can’t believe they were lip syncing) this morning when Pei Wei mentioned the number and frequency of our Burpee’s.  I had a great workout planned with cones, speed ladders, etc but had to scratch it when I woke up to a surprising amount of rain.  Instead I had to shoot from the hip and so I blame the extra burpee’s on the rain.  Aye!

Warm up

  • Shin grab sprint
  • KD Kick sprint
  • SSH X 25
  • Mountain climbers x 20
  • Good mornings x 15
  • Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 7
  • Reverse Sir Fazio Arm Circles X 7

The Thang

Interval runs – Sprint 15 yards, jog 15 yards, sprint 15 yards, jog 10 yards, 5 burpee’s X 4

Jog to bottom of hill

Bobby Petrino partner carries X 2

  • Partner 1 carries up the hill, both jog back down
  • Partner 2 carries up the hill, both jog back down
  • 5 burpees

Workout Medley on the tennis courts

  • Manbarrows – Partner 1 wheelbarrows across courts then does 5 derkins – flapjack X 2
  • 10 count balls to wall X 2
  • 10 standard merkins 1st set, 10 Carolina dry docks 2nd set
  • 20 count peoples chair 1st set, 30 count peoples chair 2nd set

 Grab some curb

  • Left/Right step-ups x 25
  • Irkins X 10
  • Mini Jump-ups x 25
  • Derkins X 10
  • Left/Right step-ups X 25
  • Irkins X 10
  • Curb jumps x 25

jog down to covered shelter

  • The dip X 20
  • Irkins with a clap X 10
  • The dip X 10


  • Rocky Balboa’s x 20
  • Russian hammers x 20
  • LBC’s X 20


  • Good job by all PAX today.  I appreciate everyone hanging in there as the rain forced me to call an audible and make one up as we went.
  • Welcome to The Honerable Judge Wapner and Roland.  Great to have a couple FNG’s on our inaugural launch.
  • Wonk reads the paper really early.
  • Remember to always pick your partner carefully, even when the Q says it doesn’t matter….it does.
  • In the end the rain didn’t damper any spirits, just cooled us off to allow for harder work!