3 PAX, dreaming of softball glory this evening, showed up ON TIME and set off into the gloom for the morning beat down…

Warm-up: yog over to the ASC – SSH x20, IW x10, LBACs and LBBACs (little baby arm circles, and backward baby arm circles)

Find a not-so-flat sidewalk with unevenly spread out light posts along its course – we had 7 posts in this particular segment
Set 1: run between each post, 10 merkins at each post (most ended up being derkins given the slope)
Set 2: run between each post, 5 merkins at each post
Set 3: lounges/walking lunges between each post, 5 merkins at each
Set 4: backwards run between each post, 5 merkins at each

Since we were missing our dear parking deck, we decided to ascend “Beech Mountain” and do some work at the top of that deck – 7 flights later…

Burpee pyramid – find a steep section of garage, 50ish yard segment – 5 burpees at top, run to bottom, 5 burpees, run back up, 4 burpees, down, 4 burpees, up, 3, down, 3, up…. 1, down, 1, up

yog back and COT

-Poor Kung Fu Panda… got out of bed to his first F3 workout in a while and we decided to leave site right at 0450… sorry buddy… t-claps for busting it at the gym instead
– Floyd is currently out of town… I’m seeing more pictures of continental breakfast than personal backblasts…
– Saturday is gonna be a burner… I’d start carb loading now if YHC was you…

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  • That was a lot of merkins right in a row. I think that’s why we lost the softball game tonight. That and we suck.

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