It’s getting dark again, so 18 PAX got some big rocks.

Warm up:Good mornings 20x, Windwills 20x, SSH 20x, Fazio Arm Circles 8x, Reverse 8x.

tha’ thang – Jog and grab your rock: “Whatever rock you were thinking about getting… get one twice as big.” Climb the hill. Curls 10x.

Jog to the field. Hold Tricep extension 30 count.

Jog to the field by the pull up bars. 2 Pax on the bars maxing pull ups while the rest follow cadence. Switch up on the bars after every exercise: Low Curls 10x, Diamond Merkin on the rock 10x, High curls 10x, Arm extension squat 8x, Merkins walking over the rock 12x, tricep extensions 10x, Military Press 8x, Mountain climbers on the rock 20x.

Jog back to the field closer to the parking lot: tricep extensions 10x.

Leave the rocks – Jog to the top of the dam: 20x wide grip merkins.

Jog to the dock: 15x derkin, 15x irkin, 15x jump squat (scare the ducks), 10x derkin, 10x irkin, 10x jump squat, 5x derkin, 5x irkin, 5x jump squat.

Jog back to the top of the dam (backwards up the hill): knee slappers (plank opposite hand to knee) 20x

Jog back to the rocks: Low Curls 10x, triceps 10x, High Curls 10x.

Merry: LBCs 50x,  Rosalita 20x, Homer to Marge 25x, 90 degree leg hold 5 count around the horn.

Announcements: Buy your f3 raleigh shirt, starting a chapel hill work out and fuquay workout. details online.