14 of F3’s finest posted for another round of no-frills beatdown that has become the Ball Bearings standard! Nothing too fancy, just a double jigger of burpees and a dash of running up hills.

The Thang:

Mosey to upper parking lot for warmup.

Imperial Walkers x 20
Sir Fazio arm circles, forward/back x 8
Good Mornings x 15
Standard Merkins x 20
Left/Right mini stepups x 25
Mini jumpups x 25

Mosey past House of Cats and around the back to Hamburger Hill (watch out for hole that almost hobbled the Q).

Jacob’s ladder with traveling burpees at the top, 10 rungs of the ladder.

Mosey to House of Cats for People’s Balls (combo of People’s Chair and Balls to the Wall).  Cadence count to 15 for both Chair and Wall, repeat x 3

Mosey past Stone Circle to picnic shelter for Dogleg to the Left.  Run up the hill, through stone circle, up to the lamp post, 5 star jumps, back to shelter.  Repeat x 3.

Mosey to the lower field for one quick round of Chariot Races.  Pair up with similar size PAX, first PAX puts bicycle inner-tube around waist, partner hangs on while first PAX sprints to end of field. Switch and drag partner back.

Quick Mary before time runs out.
Freddy Mercurys x 20
Six Inch Leg Hold x 20
Putin (normal x 5, leg up x 5, leg front x 5, leg back x 5)
Sarkozy (normal x 5, leg up x 5, leg front x 5, leg back x 5)


Prayers for M Wonk as she undergoes a routine surgery.

Naked Moleskin:

New workout in Fuquay @ Action Park launching 8/28 0545 – see Howard or workout list for details
Best wishes to the guys running in the Spartan Super @ Wintergreen, VA this weekend!
Strong work by the early morning Ruckers today! Couldn’t quite add Fungo to the PAX list since he had to split after Rucking.
I didn’t hear any cussin the Q today (other than myself), I hope the PAX got what they came for…
My F3 flag order should be shipping and arriving soon! It will look good beside the Stars and Stripes in the early morning gloom!
Buck Rogers decoder report: http://www.trainingpeaks.com/av/44FRO7YDLNDFUIKAETPAFMZFNY