Fresh off of an inspirational speech from Lo Pair’s Dad to the F3 Chapel Hill group the night before, 21 PAX were motivated and ready for a workout. FNG Impact reconfirms that we should all work to make an impact inĀ our community.

Too much fun to fit in to waste time on a traditional warmup so we immediately headed off for a warmup jog up to SV Village. Stop for:

15 x dips, 12 x box jumps, Repeat both

Run a little further and stop off for:

10 x derkins, 12 x box jumps, Repeat

Head back to playground for a mini-murph. Break into groups of 3 and every person completes 50 pull-ups, 100 merkins and 150 air squats.

Head over to the outdoor hockey rink. Lineup on one end and run to the other side and do 10 burpees, run back and do 9 burpees and so on and so on until time is called.


15 x LSF, 15 x Dolly, 20 x V-Ups, 20 x Russian Hammer

COT: Thanks again to Lo Pair and his Dad for teaching us the principles of leadership found in many of UNC’s great coaches. As we all strive to improve in our daily lives, it is extremely beneficial for us to draw on the successes of those who have shown determination and hard work in their lives as well.