21 Pax came out to Crucible on Monday and stepped into the Gloom that is actually starting to look pretty gloomy.  5 showed for the pre-run.   They ran away from the park, then they ran back.  There were no FNGs, but Stalker was here on work from Ohio so we gave a brief welcome, even more brief disclaimer and headed to the soccer field.  It was pitch black.  Goodbye Summer, welcome home gloom.

Warm Up

SSH x25
GM x10 nice and slow
IW x25
Sir Fazio x10 forward x10 seal claps x10 backwards
MC x25
Hold the plank until there was mumberchatter… then hold a little more.

The Thang

Sets of 11s. Standard 11s.  No additional exercises in between, not going to another number.  Just 11s.  Classic 11s.

Round 1 Classic Burpees and Classic LBCs – Squat Hold when you’re done… even if ManRam wants to Chilcutt 🙂
Round 2 Classic Merkins and Hand Release Merkins – Squat hold when you’re done
Round 3 Classic Squats and Classic double count Lunges – Plank when you’re done
Round 4 Classic Single Count Freddy Mercuries and Classic Dying Cockroaches

Follow me for a quick run around the big loop


Classic Homer to Marge x20
Classic American Hammer x20


Short and sweet.  Pygmies are tribes where the average adult male height is 4′ 11″ or less.  Today we did 4 sets of 11s to honor all pygmies.  Theme of the day was just keeping pushing through whatever life has to offer.


Praise for Wall-Es daughter who’s being have some good days.  Amen.
Sunny D’s friend who has exhausted her chemo options.
Noriega’s wife who hurt her ankle

TinkerToy took us out with grace.


By the time you read this, it will seem strange that those affected by the tragedy in Las Vegas were excluded from the prayer requests.  They say ignorance in bliss.  Monday morning it was.  I woke up, shook off the cobwebs and headed for the door with my biggest worry being that I might forget an exercise or call cadence incorrectly.  Monday was great.  Terrific group of guys, mumblechatter galore, laughter, sweat, dirt.  It was bliss.  21 guys, none of which had heard the news.  As I drove out of the parking lot I heard about the shooting for the first time.  My heart sank.  Those poor souls.  How do I bring this up to my kids who are surely going to hear about it at school.  What do I say… this time. Ignorance may be bliss, but now we know.

So I pray.  I pray for those who lost their lives.  Those who were physically injured and now begin the healing process.  For those who witnessed such a tragedy and will be left with psychological wounds that are harder to see and often harder to heal.  For those who lost loved ones and will find comfort hard to come by in this time of grief.  For the parents who try to comfort their children and explain that we must go on living even when they fear so much for their safety.  For all of us to have the strength to keep moving forward, to keep being the light of Christ in the world so that we may drown out the darkness.  Amen.


QIC: Pygmy
Workout Date: 10/02/17
The PAX: Sunny D, VHS, Mayhem, Sand Dollar, Katahdin, Lunacy, Papercut, Wall-E, Barney Fife, Stalker (Ohio), Marmalade, ManRam, CDC, JerBear, Tuscadaro, Dink, Pink Slip, Superstar, Grady, TinkerToy, Pygmy

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