9 Pax arrived to celebrate 6 months posting for YHC, and my second Q (this time I was somewhat prepared).  Thanks again to MacGruber for leading me to the water. No Peter Cotton Tail but YHC had some Easter “Eggs” for everyone.
Run around the courts then a pit stop to grab your Easter “Eggs” / April Fools its a painted brick (thanks to my 2.0) continue the run now with “eggs” in hand.
25 Imperial Walkers
25 SSH
25 Carolina Dry Docks
Grab your “eggs” for little Fazio Arm Circles 10 each way
 “Rapid Fire Eggs” 15 x Curls, tri extn, shoulder press repeat for 6 Sets (in honor of 6 months) plank between each to pax all complete together
25 x Alternating shoulder taps
hop on over to the building and a little quick step with “eggs” 2 x 25
Peoples chair with “eggs” hold up, out in front, out to side 2 x
 10, 9, 8 Baby erkins with “egg” booster
Run back up to return the “eggs” to the basket
M run the tennis courts and finish up with mary.
40 Reverse LBC’s
20 WWII’s
20 Homer to Marge
Plank o Rama 10 count with a few left right arm raises
20 LBC’s
Name o rama / COT
Its been a pleasure to join a great group of men over the past 6 months and an honor to lead this morning. I want to thank each of my F3 brothers for pushing each other to be better than the day before.