Fourteen PAX showed up for a winter reprise workout at the Cougar this morning; the 28 degree temperature was motivation to get the blood pumping.

Warm up

  • Side shuffle hop (in cadence)
  • Imperial walker (in cadence)
  • Good morning (in cadence)
  • Windmill (in cadence)
  • Arm circles (in cadence)
  • Willie Mays Hayes (in cadence)

The Thang

Indian run around track three times; after each lap 20 burpees OYO.

Jog to gym wall; pair up and take turns with partner:

1. Wall sit / Bear crawl to other side of lot, sprint back

2. Balls to the Wall / Step lunge to other side of lot, sprint back

3. Squats / Crab-walk to other side of lot, sprint back

Jog to curvy wall for dips (2 sets of 15 in cadence) and derkins (1 set of 10).


Heels to Heaven, WWIIs, Plank-O-Rama.


Happy Birthday Spooky! Time/location confirmed for new workout at Southern Village (5:45, Southern Community Park off Sumac Rd)