After being away from the gloom and inactive for several months, nothing is better for getting you back out and moving again then signing up to Q.  And what better way to start by testing where you are with the Kettlebell 100.

The Test:  Perform the prescribed exercise 100 times, run lap, repeat until time is called.  (For those with leg injuries, in lieu of the run, 100 reps, core of your choice,)

The exercises were:

  • 100 Two-Hand Swings
  • 100 Curl-to-Overhead Press
  • 100 Squat-to-High Pull
  • 100 American Hammers
  • 100 Single Arm Swings
  • 100 Sing Arm Snatches
  • 100 Goblet Squats
  • 100 Single Arm Chest Press
  • 100 Two Handed Swings
  • 100 Single Arm Row
  • 100 Flutter Kick with Bell
  • 100 KB LBC
  • 100 Squat-to-Overhead Press
  • 100 Single Arm Swings

Results:  After a warm up, the timer set at 30 minutes

  • Cpt. Kangaroo 45#, 1-Arm Swings+ ½ lap
  • Tom Sawyer, 35#, 1-Arm Swings
  • Les Nessman 35#, 100 1-Arm Swings
  • Azul, 35# 100 1-Arm Swings+ lap
  • Pergo, 35# 100 1-Arm Swings+ lap
  • Tuck, 35#, 100 1-Arm Swings+ 1/2 lap
  • Maize, 35#, 13 Snatches+ Goblet Squat XC
  • Gnard Dog, 35#, 88 1-Arm Swings
  • Cinderella, 50#, 81 Goblet Squats
  • Money Hose, 35#, 20 Snatches
  • Cut Me Mick 35#, 80 Snatches

Note: I missed a few of the KB sizes.  When in doubt, I looked to the historical record. Sound off if I need to correct yours.

T-Claps to Tom Sawyer, visiting from Wilmington. In his first KB workout, he put in great, great work AND showed wise restraint by not overdoing some of the exercises.  There is a lesson here.

While Cinderella absolutely crushed the workout today, he probably made it harder by making up his own version of the snatch by power cleaning the KB to his forehead.  There is probably a lesson here too, but I am not sure what it is.

Great work by everyone today

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Cut Me Mick