Mama often told me (in so many words) one should never show up for an outdoor workout in the rain & expect to stay dry.  Mama also said there’d be days like this.  It was 38 degrees & raining sideways.  A few Forge regulars deferred. #unmentionables  Others didn’t.  YHC’s 2015 Forgy nomination awaited & so I was there early.  More noteworthy was Maize’s annual appearance. #truegrit  And there was Pergo’s return after 3 weeks on the shelf.  He’s a ninja. #maybe


Jog into Pullen Park & over to the kiddie playground

SSH x 20 > Good mornings x 20 > Imperial Walkers x 20 > Windmills x 20

Jog back toward the park entrance & lunge walk approx 40 yds to Pullen Park gate


Exit thru Pullen Park gate on the jog, cross the street, & advance uphill to The Governor Morehead School parking lot. Partner up.

-Partners alternate 100-yd sprints to dumpster & back while completing 200 merkins between them

-Partners alternate 100-yd sprints to dumpster & back while completing 150 prisoner squats between them

Mosey to the far end of the parking lot at the base of the sloped entrance road

-Bear crawl to the top > 15 burpees > sprint back to the bottom

-Bear crawl to the top > 15 star jumps > sprint back to the bottom

-Bear crawl to the top > 15 merkins > sprint back to the bottom

Exit The Governor Morehead School, jog back across street into Pullen Park to picnic shelter

Irkins x 15 > Dips x 15 > Alternating L/R step-ups x 15 > Boxjumps OYO x 10 (repeato twice)

Re-enter the rain & circle up #mumblechatter


LBC’s x 25 > Hammers x 25 > Freddies x 25 > 6-inch leg hold for a 5-count around the circle



Prayers for Hush Puppy’s family, Epoxy’s wife/Mr. Rogers’ sister recovering from surgery, all PAX suffering from injury & personal/family challenges

Krispy Kreme Challenge–Saturday 2/14: holla at Epoxy

F3 Third Anniversary convergence–Saturday 3/7 at Pullen Park: 6:00am for Howard’s original F3Raleigh workout & 6:45am workout to follow: BE THERE

Ultimate Challenge Mudrun–Saturday 4/11: holla at Duff & Zima

As always, thank you for the freedom to lead. I am strengthened & inspired by the PAX.

Rogers out.