Chris Chelios was one of the longest serving players in the NHL playing in 26 seasons and retiring at the young age of 48.  He was known to be freakishly fit.  A few years ago, someone gave me one of his circuit weight training routines to try called Hour of Power.  I did 20 minutes and almost puked.  So I thought this would be great for the PAX of 8 this morning….

Turns out the PAX is in good shape.  Nobody puked.  Here ’tis.

Run around the block.  20 SSH.  20 Good Mornings.  20 Fazio Arm Circles.

The Circuit – Repeato until time runs out

Jump Rope 50reps

One-armed Row 8 reps each arm at 45lbs

Dumbbell Dead-lift 8 reps with two 35lb dumbells

Close-grip Press Bench Press 8 reps at 90lbs

Dumbbell Press 8 reps 30lb DB’s

Single Leg Lunge 8 reps each leg at 20lb DB’s

Lateral Raises 8reps at 15lb DB’s

10 burpees  (Chelios doesn’t do this step, but this is F3!)

Circle Up for Mary.  20 LBC.  20 Freddie Mercury.

COT, Announcements (Chong requesting PAX to go to Greenville, NC on Feb 21 for new group) and Prayer requests (lots today).  Close out with prayer.