With Flatline bedridden suffering from ebola like symptoms, and limited time to plan a workout, YHC decided it was a good opportunity to explore the greenway surrounding Crabtree and see what it had to offer. Mapped out, the pax covered just shy of 3.5 miles with a few obstacles thrown in along the way.

The Thang…

Early 15
Merkin Burn
-merkins on the minute for 15 minutes increasing by intervals of 3 each time. 3,6,9,12,15,18,21,21,18,15,12,9,6,3

Regular 45

Hop on the Greenway next to the mall and head towards Glenwood ave.
Once arriving at the rock pile under Glenwood,
Grab a Rock
Bicep Curl x20
Tricep extensions x20
Shoulder press x20
Repeato with counts to 15

Continue along the greenway up to North hills drive with one stop along the way to do Standard merkins x20, Wide Grip x15, Diamond x10

Bear Crawl 100 yds up North Hills Dr

Then head back down the way we came to the rock pile we came from with one more stop along the way for Standard merkins x20, Wide Grip x15, Diamond x10.

Once we got to the rock pile… Grab a rock, run 200 yds then return the rock to the pile… surprisingly painful

We then got on the last stretch back to cars and circled up for some mary while waiting for stragglers.
LBC x40
Russian Hammer x30

-Thanks for the suggestions and interest in opportunities to reach out within the community. Contact Steroid with ideas or ways to get involved

-Interesting point brought up about our willingness to pray for others, but the humility it takes to ask for prayers and strength for ourselves.

-Apologies to the visiting workhorse from CLT, but YHC missed your name. If any of the pax remember it, please comment below so he can get his due.

Closing Prayer courtesy of Bob Villa