With T Square and Bulls Eye making their first Hopebuilders post, we walked up the Young family’s stairs to find Dufresne as always with a smile that lights up the room and our hearts and fired up to get it on! T Square and Bulls Eye introduced themselves and we got right to work. Cinderella led such a strong HopeBuilders workout yesterday, that when we asked if he was up for hitting that same note again he smiled wide, nodded yes, and off we were. Each exercise was attached to a loud cadence count by T Square and Bulls Eye, and I believe it makes such a difference to “shout” cadence, as it changes the tone of any workout, expecially when Dufresne is pushing hard like he did below:

The Thang:

Leg Presses 2 x 20 (alternating)
Leg Rolls 2 x 20 (alternating)…for the second Q Lead in a row YHC finds this a hard one to remember
Leg Lifts 2 x 20 (alternating)
Chicken Wings 1 X 10 (alternating) – DOUBLE CADENCE REPS!
Animal? Weapons? 1 X 20 (alternating) DCR
Pile Drivers 1 X 20 (alternating) DCR
Fly Swatters 1 x 20 (alternating) DCR


T Square led us out with his Maiden F3 Prayer….and it was a good one. We will see you next week Dufresne!