The low humidity and mild temperature made for a great morning as the pax of Hi-Fidelity took a trip off campus for a dose of the finer arts. The pax did 2 minute, 1 minute, and 30 second interval repeats along the greenway up to the art museum, looped around the property, and made our way back to our starting point. As we ran through the Art Museum grounds there was some discussion about the broadness of the definition of “art”, but decided to each his own and continued on. YHC tried to keep the times consistent but sometimes found himself forgetting when we started each interval. The recoveries also varied a bit, but in all we did just shy of 4 miles and YHC felt that everyone was properly gassed by the end.


-Plenty of new workouts, check the website

-Total of 51 posted at Raleigh workouts this morning. Great to see.

-Great news, if you missed Hi-Fidelity this morning or just like being dragged around by a Warbaby, YHC has the Q again tomorrow at Dawn Patrol.