A healthy 18 Pax appear in the Gloom for the first day of the rest of Ball Bearings’ life.  Off we go…

**Standard Waiver: We have no idea what we are doing; you are proceeding at your own risk by following me (us) around; any reasonable person would just do your best and stop if something starts to hurt.”


Warm Up: Jog to the Yard Art; circle up for SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Windmills, 10 Standard Mericans?  30 Air Squats?, 20 Recreational Burpees OYO?  (this started to not sound like warm up).

First Evolution: Jog to base of French Fry Hill, Plank it Out; 4 X (Lunge Walk Up; Reverse Bear Crawl Down); Interspersed Air Squats and Carolina Dry Docks. 

Second Evolution: Jog to base of Hamburger Hill, Squat it Out; Mericans; Wide Mericans; Diamond Mericans; Monkey Dancers (not dancing); Dan Jansens Apolo Ohnos; Carolina Dry Docks

Third Evolution: Bear Crawl Suicides with 3 Hamburger Hill climb finisher; Lunge Walk Suicides with 3 Hamburger Hill climb finisher; Standing Broad Jump Suicides with 3 Hamburger Hill climb finisher. Interspersed Air Squats and Carolina Dry Docks.

Fourth Evolution: 20 Recreational Burpees OYO

Fifth Evolution: Mary led by Kupec (LBCs, WWIIs, Rosalitas, Etc.)



  •   The only thing that travels faster than light?  Pax naming FNG last name Weiner “Carlos Danger.”  There was no debate.
  • Nice to see the ole Tee Square in attendance.  First time in a while at Ball Bearings for everyone’s second favorite Engineer at Mulkey.
  • Even with two other Wednesday workouts pressing full bore, there we were with the healthy Dredd-esque ideal of 18 pax.  If you build more, they will still come…Word.
  • Recreational bookbaggers (Money Hose, King David, TARP, Chong Li and Fungo) previously saw the unknowing 19th and 20th pax in the gloom at about 0535.  There were shadowy figures.  There was a park bench.  There were reaches for items unknown.  More questions than answers at Fletcher Park before dawn.  Just keep running.  We are not cops. 
  • Pei Wei was an eyewitness to the nonsense with the bookbags.  Emerging out of the darkness, His perspective, paraphrasing “I thought it might be a 6 AM workout and then I thought ‘o, 545 workout…’ because I don’t really keep track…Then I saw all of you had these knapsacks or whatever, and I figured I’d be on my way…His sole comment: “I’m good.  You guys carry on…”  Exit Pei Wei stage right. 
  • Thanks to Chonger for reminding us all that we had yet to introduce folks.  This sequence led to the christening of Carlos Danger, for which we are all thankful. 
  • Kupec employed the rare but effective silent count in leading Mary.  It was done once in the 80s.  Floppy was there; got him thrown out of the Hollerin’ Contest in Spivey’s Corner.  Not sure Mary happens if you don’t count it out, but my abdominals testify otherwise. 
  • Speaking of Chong Li, long-time listeners missed a real lesson in fitness preparation after the pax scattered.  Just when you think you’ve figured out the international man of mystery, he says things that make you feel like you woke up with your head sewed to the carpet. 
  • Kudos to our brothers at Hi Fidelity.  I’ll go out on a limb and say that Yo Yo ran them a lot at the front with minimal breaks.  Someone may have wanted to barf. 
  • Kudos also to our brothers at the new-fangled Urban Jungle.  Reports indicate that Gnobby with a G did one for the Commandant and a thousand for the Corps…
  • Announcements:  Plan for the Mule.  October 5th or 6th.  Check with Floppy Disk.  New workouts abound.  Hassle Bob Villa about the Caddyshack Pool Shirt.  You need something to wear when you are seeing people socially.  Howard is leaving us for a week and then he’s starting a new workout in the Quay.  We will miss him in countless ways.  Go forth Brother. 
  • Guest Qs:  If you are still reading this, you probably have the minimal attention and aptitude necessary to lead Ball Bearings.  Reach out to yours truly or King David.  Sign Up.  Every man is a leader.