I had signed up to Q Danger Zone on April 1 a few weeks ago and then yesterday am I decided to go into the sign up sheet and change the name to Maize.  Over here in Cary, we joke periodically that Maize is going to get a call about some of our antics and is going to travel over to Cary and make sure we are doing our cadence counts right.    With a little help from Maize and our fine marketing folks at Highwoods.I had a plan.  The Cary PAX were thrilled that Maize was going to Q after seeing his tweet announcing his Danger Zone appearance.   Ollie was giddy, Callahan was scared (even left for the Indy) and Ma Bell thought about coming back from Jamaica early for the festivities.

Anyway…the boys were excited untl 5:44 when MaizeBurt appeared from the parking lot after hiding in Coney’s back seat for 7 minutes. With a Maize mask and the tunes.

65 degrees, humid, overcast.  Shovel flag planted.  No FNGs.  Tailgator tuned up.  Maize workout ready to go.

The Warm Up

  • 15 each of SSH, MC, IW, PJ’s, GM’s

The Thang

  • Run to the smurf turf and circle up
  • Rockettes:  Squats x 20, Monkey Humpers x 20, Jump Lunges x 20, Crab Cakes Kickers (whatever) x 20
  • Run to the field in the woods with the nice hill
  • Set of 11’s as a group.    Plank Jacks at the top and Jump Lunges at the bottom.  Finish with a “Billy Run” back up the hill.
  • Run to the Shelter area…find a spot on the wall.
  • Set of 11’s as a group.  Dips and Irkins.
  • Plank-a-rama…with various counts
  • Random Jack Webb with 4x multiplier.
    • 5, 8, 2, 4 were called and we did various merkins and 4 x air presses
  • Run back to the smurf turf and circle up.
    • Resume Jack Webb
      • 10, 3, 7  with 4 x arm multiplier finishing with 40 count Tysons.
  • Mary
    • Billy calls LBC x 20
    • Brisket calls my favorite Mary move…Star Jumps x 15


  • 11 PAX, 3 respects, 1 hate and 7 mehs
  • Prayers for a friend of Saban’s daughter who is having a mass removed
  • Praise for Shut-In and his Bro….bro moving to area and has dibs on a house in Shutty’s hood….that is cool.
  • Saban took us out with a nice prayer.

Always fun to take the reigns and lead….and mess up cadence counts.  Now that I know how it feels to be Maize….call me sometime for a Q school.



4 Replies to “I ain’t scared of no MaizeBurt”

  • It was actually light on the chatter because DJ Burt had us sweatin to the oldies with his boombox so loud chatter was going unheard. We could barely even hear him barking back at us.

  • Hate that I missed this one. It’s always a joy to mumblechat like a champ when Thee Champ is Qing and can’t chatter.

  • Well done BurtMaize / MaizeBurt. The tweet is what really sold it. Tough workout. Can’t wait for Maize to show up as Burt now. He’ll need to have a playlist, a good core for plank jacks, and a strong voice for constant yelling.

    Thanks for making the gloom so enjoyable even when it’s not!

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