11 men assembled and journeyed for a little core work

YHC settled in to F3Cary, pulled alongside the church and proceeded to unload the core of the core workout, concrete cores, 9lbs 4×8″, 2 per man. Having a few engineers in the pax, there were not many questions and soon the pax’s displeasure was abundant.

There was a lot to do, each man grabbed their cores, dropped for 11 cct core merkins, and were off to Fidelity for some cop. SSH, good am, imp walkers, arm circles, crossover arm stretches, core merkins, low plank core holds… 11 ct ea.

Recover with cores and fellowship pace (with 18 extra lbs) to parking deck with 3 stops on way for 11 cct core merkins.

At the deck, 11 deck ascents (3 floors) and 11 deck descents with core, stopping at top for flys and tricep extensions 11 ct each with 2 cores, and at bottom for dying cockroach and hammers 11 ct ea with 2 cores.

Alarm sounded, pax gathered for home with 3 stops on way for 11 cct core merkins. Though Billy was in our presence, #F3BillyRun was optional. McCants, Largemouth, Grease Monkey and Callahan stepped up for BR core challenge.

Circle up for COT. We’re done.

Callahate did the Bule.

Burt announced F2 tonight at Bond Bros Brewing – like a kid Christmas Eve. You can just feel his excitement for Cary’s newest barley pop venue.

Burt and Rio have the New Hampshire / Phoenix Q on Saturday

Maize has the DZ Q tomorrow. Moline is on the fence. Why I am not sure. You tackled Juggernaut. Maize is only human.

Sign up to Q

McCants took us out in prayer

The stars aligned on 11 with 11 sets of 11 completed on all but the merkins, we just ran out of time, even when we went over 3 minutes.
Grease Monkey was in his element today, flying through the stair work and ripping through the flys.
Large Mouth showed again he is so fast he could lap himself
McCants is a beast at flys
Callahan earned some respect lapping a big part of the field.