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With Vector Victor out of town taking care of bit-ness, YHC stepped up as a substitute Q for another fine session of GA. Goal of this workout was to have little something for everyone.  PAX of 21, here we go…

Warm Up:

SSH x 25

IW x 15

GM x 20


– Gasser mile to memorial auditorium and back to capitol. Leaders rip 10 burpees and run back out to bring the rest of the guys in.

– Mosey over to the plaza between the museums.

Set 1:

– 20x quick feet, 20x dips

– From the bottom of the plaza, partner 1 sprints to the top and back while partner 2 moves up the plaza via broad jump burpees. Flapjack and repeat until the duo has reached the top of the plaza.

– Plank work

Set 2: (dodge news crews!)

-20x quick feet; 20x dips

-On the plaza, same as set 1, except substitute lunge walk/squat jump combo for broad jump burpees.

-plank work with 50 count Chillcut

Mosey back over to capitol.

4 corners (UNC is in Final 4 after all)

-Corner 1: 5 burpees

-Corner 2: 10 burpees

-Corner 3: 15 burpees

… cut it short due to time and head back for COT


-Remember F3 Columbia brother whose son is critically ill, another Pax family member in bad car accident, 1 more that is escaping me at the moment.

-Pantyhose led us out with a great prayer

Always a privilege to lead.

-Mr. Furley



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