9, wait, 10, wait, 9 PAX posted on a beautiful Spring morning to close out the quarter at one of my favorite AO’s in all of Raleigh.  Many downpainments have been received here by YHC but none given – this was my maiden Q at the Judge.  I had all kinds of options going through my noggin the night before but settled on simplicity…Do some burpees, run a lap…do some more burpees…you get the idea on paper, but in practice, well here’s what went down.

529am – PAX gathering…word has it Moneyhose was rolling in.

530am – Quick SSH x 20 waiting for Sir Moneyhose…no sign yet, but if he read the pre-blast, he’d know where to meet us.

531am – warm up jog down the trail, past the amphitheater and up the the Rings of Fire.  Quick explanation and demo of the burpee buster and we were off.

Complete the Burpee Buster then run a lap around the Dojo.  Rinse, Wash, Repeat until 608am and head back to the parking lot for Mary and COT.

Burpee Buster (5 Burpee types, 6 reps each = 30 burpees)

  1. Standard Burpee
  2. Jump Knee Tuck Burpee
  3. Prison Cell Merkin Burpee
  4. Ski Ab Burpee (Right – Left = 1)
  5. Hand Release Burpee

We completed 4 rounds and then did some Mary.

  • LBC’s x 30 OYO
  • Freddy Mercury x 15
  • American Hammers x 15
  • Reverse LBC’s x 20
  • Plank hold (Putin, Sarkozy, Low Plank, Halfway, Right Arm behind back, Left Arm behind back, Chillcut)
  • 6 inch leg hold (5 count around the circle)

Yog over to the Dojo for 2 rounds of:

  • Irkins (20 first round, 15 second)
  • Dips (5 regular, 5 right leg up, 5 left leg up)
  • Dirkins (15 first round, 8 second)

Indian Run back to the parking lot



  • Huge kudos to Thermometer (he was an FNG yesterday and apparently posted for a Tabata session with Deliverance).  Come back again.
  • Moneyhose did eventually join us and true to his word, completed a final round of the Burpee Buster in the lot after COT.  #leadership
  • Huh? got a nice lead and kept it up.  Great job pushing it today.
  • 3 at Manna afterward (Caribou Coffee) for a short Bible Study on the Empty Tomb and what that means for our lives each day.  Come join us each Thursday from 635-655am.

No prayers offered up, no announcements.  Mr. Bigglesworth closed us out.

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