6 PAX assembled and ready to bounce back. Take off down Aycock. “Wait a minute, some one just pulled up.” YHC thought he heard the faint call out “Is this F3?” The PAX turned back and picked up a stretching Fazio. Now off we go.

Run down Aycock. Hang a left on Glenwood. Turn left on Hillsborough. Wait a minute… This feels like a Ball Bearings Pre-Run. Close. Not quite. Circle up just in front of the Capital building. Time for 15 minutes of PT.

  • 10 Burpees Oyo
  • Round 1: Merkins x10, Prisoner Squats x10, Capital Hammers x20
  • Round 2: Wide Grip Mericans x10, Squat Jumps x10 oyo, Scuba Buddha x20
  • Round 3: Diamond Mericans x10, Prisoner Squats x10, Low-slow Flutterx20

Jog over to the Courtyard of the Museums. (Disrupt General Assembly and WRAL film crew as much as possible)

Find a spot on the wall

  • Dips x15, Irkins x15 oyo, Box jumps x15 oyo, Derkins x15oyo
  • Repeato with 10 counts
  • Repeato with 5 counts
  • 10 Burpees Oyo

Fly by General Assembly PAX and then take it back to Roanoke from whence we came. Run one loop around the park, and circle up. LBC’s x30



  • Prayers for families traveling, and others who suffering some sort of loss.
  • The Gospel of John records an interesting snippet regarding the resurrection of Christ. John relates that the grave cloth was neatly folded. YHC’s Grandmother used to correct us when leaving the dining table with the following quip: “Jesus folded his napkin before leaving the tomb, you can clean your dirty plate off the table before you get up.” The moral of the story is to finish well. Complete every task before you to the best of your ability. Don’t leave things undone for someone else to clean up.
  • Fazio took us out.


  • Myrtle should consider a career change. His ability to heckle is astounding. Earn that McGriddle Myrtle…Earn it.
  • Note to future Q’s at Ricochet: Despite the time stamp on the F3 Nation website, this is a 45 minute workout. Of course this undocumented rule change is subject to momentary review, and reversal. Consider yourself forewarned.
  • Ben Johnson and Sunshine decided to smoke everyone on the way back. Nice work guys.
  • Good luck to Fannie and the Nova boys. Most State and Dook fans are with you. Save travels to Houston
  • Lamp and Fazio were all business this am. The General Assembly PAX were under strict orders by landlord Furley to go about their work quietly. Of course, this rule never applies to Yoda.
  • Honored and humbled to run with you men.