Extra credit: Asystole [Q] and Banjo
Warm up jog around municipal building with a stop for Merkins, wide grip, and diamond. Return to the flag. Lunge walk to stairs over reflecting pool, Frog hop to muni bldg., 10 Merkins, run back, plank, repeat.

15 each: V-ups, boat canoe, hammers. Sprint to top of stairs, plank, return, and repeat.
15 each: Dips, derkens, 6 “ leg hold, repeat.

Gather the Pax at 5:45.
No FNG’s, welcome “No Show” Franklin, and we are off around the police department to the reflecting pool area for a warm-up: SSH, Imperial Walker, good afternoon, wind mills, low plank jacks, recover.

Return to the flag for the BEAST, B-L-I-M-P-S style: Burpees, Lunge jump, Imperial Burpees, Merkins, Planks – low jack style, Sumo Squat jump. We lost Asystole to work somewhere between M and P. Finish at the flags and pick up the 6’s.

Mary at the Flags. Windshield wiper, LBC, Captain America, and Homer to Marge. We’re done

• 2nd F: CARPEx Christmas party December 15 6:30 PM at Mellow Mushroom. Co-Ed. Thanks Riptide
• 1st F: Thanksgiving day at B.O. 7-8am Ma Bell is your Q. Followed with Turkey Bowl at 9:30 – see Burt.
• 1st F: Black Friday at Danger Zone 7 to 8 AM. Largemouth is your Q.
• 3rd F starting up on December 7th after SNS workout (See Shut-In or Callahan for details)
• 1st F: New Year’s Eve CARPEx / Churham Convergence – Sat 12/31, 7-8am at Thin Blue Line. (See Ma Bell)
* Toy drive: collecting toys for Sweet Tooth. Ma Bell is queue. Give toys to site Qs. Due Dec 9 or was it 16?
* Collecting money for Khakis friend that lost his wife and unborn children.
* Turkey donations for “m4life”. Pet Sounds is your Q.

Prayer concerns:
• F3Agoge pax whose 1 year old son, in poor health. The 2.0 and his parents and family need our prayers.
• Asystole and shoulder injury.
• U.S.A.

YHC took us out. During this time of Thanksgiving, let us lead by example: share a smile, open a door, say thank you, show kindness, express gratitude, and listen to others’ needs.

Franklin – What?
Asystole, the man can “Calli” a Q, but with style. Calli, Asystole’s F3 Big Bro, had nothing to do with it. I am not sure they still know one another.
Calli, Asystole is a good dude. You two need to make up.
Cracker Jack gets it now.
– CJ, “What, I was here right at 5:45”
– YHC, “Dude, we started a minute late” [and that was only because YHC was in awe of seeing Franklin at RH]
Term Paper – Respect. RESPECT lead the PAX of 3 mehs and 2 men of complete awesomeness.
Franklin – Really?
– Franklin circa July 2016, “I don’t care where you have your afternoon workout! I WILL NEVER COME!”
– Franklin circa July 2016, “Oh, and don’t make the AO at Bond Park”
– Franklin today, “Give me hug. We good Bro! ? ..? ”
– What’s up with Grey Prius plate BUD-3166 tossing out the “SO HOPPY” bottle right in front of us at the police station.
– YHC thought he would just pile on some more Burpees, that’s what a buddy does.