All due respect to the GEICO Camel, Wednesday is more than hump day.  It’s Ball Bearings.  A solid 16 PAX made an appearance in the gloom to start the second half of our week off right.

The Thang:

Warm Up:  Washington Street jog with 4 or 5 stops for burpees (x5); to the field for SSH x 25, Good Morning x 10, Windmill x10, Sir Fazio x 10 forward and back

Orange Crush (Yellow Crush?) Part Deux:  Four yellow cone-ish things are strategically placed in what is currently a soccer field.  One at the starting position, #2 about 100 yards straight ahead, #3 about 50 yards to the left, #4 about 120 yards away, at the top of Hamburger Hill.  PAX line up at starting position then sprint to each cone to complete exercises, plank when done at starting position.  Six total sets around the horn: Merkin (x12 each cone), WWII sit ups (x10 each cone), Stagger Merkin (x 10 each cone), Squat (x 10 each cone), Wide Grip Merkin (x 10 each cone), Low Flutter, as a group in cadence (x 10 each cone).

Randon Tennis Court Exercises that have nothing to do with tennis:  Group 1 does two court suicide, Group 2 BTTW (flap jack); Group 1 two court suicide, Group 2 Peoples Chair (flap jack)

Mary Mary:  LBC x 25, Rosalita x 20, 6 in. around the horn for 10 count per PAX


-My thanks to Mr. Hose and King David for the Q opportunity.  This workout loosely mirrored the first F3 workout YHC ever attended just one year ago and Ball Bearings remains one of my favorite workouts.  I’m humbled to be part of this group and thank all of you for the inspiration, fellowship and whatever undefinable “thing” it is we have going in the gloom.

-Great weather this morning and an ideal PAX size for this sort of workout.  No slackers out there.

-Mule is Saturday.  6:00 at Pullen.  Plan to arrive by 5:45 so that we can get moving by 6:00.