12 PAX + YHC Venutred out into forest for Pain and avoidance of bollards at this Tuesday’s True grit.

Warm up jog from the parking lot to the playground (where the darkness was the most inky resulting in a reflexive waiver from WS)

Warm up: 20x SSH, 8x sir Fazio arm circles + 8x reverse, 20x windmills

tha thang:

Playground obstacles: Pax in two groups climb up the poles and make it to the monkey bars wherein each move forward requires a pull up. While all wait we did the following: 15x super dry dock, 15x Irkin, 20x swingset derkin, 8 counts of 10 on low swing hold + variable plank routine, 20x Merkin, 20x spiderman merkin, 20x diamond merkin.

Jog low bridge. 10x sprints up the hill, 2 sets 15x partner squats (each in groups which flapjacked)

Jog to dip bars: 1/2 pax dip, 1/2 pax star jump – 15x in cadence, flapjack. 30x mod heels to heaven, 30x reverse LBC

Jog to Dam- Sprint across the dam – Jog down to the field. wheelbarrow back up the hill, switch partners

Merry: 20x Mod Windshield wipers, 20x LBC, 30x wide grip Merkins

COT: prayers for Man Ram’s wife – Early stage melanoma being removed this week.

Dont’ forget the Mule. You didn’t- but don’t.