First time QIC plus first time attendee plus another second time attendee = one chaotic workout for a VERY patient Dufresne.

We came, we screwed up, Dufresne kicked A**!

On the first day of October, Mo, Larry and Curly (aka Steroid, Fazio and Money Hose in no particular order) came to Hopebuilder with a plan to work with Dufresne and see his amazing progress.  What ensued was equal parts inspirational and comical.

The Thang:

Leg Presses – Left and Right Legs, sets of 10 x 2

Leg Lifts – Left and Right Legs, sets of 10 x 2

Leg Rolls – Left and Right Legs, sets of 10 x 2

Leg Holds – Left and Right Legs, sets of 10 x 2

Core Sit Ups – 10 count x 5!!!  Amazing and a new record!!!

Elbow/Bicep Squeezes – Left and Right Arms, sets of 20 x 3

Diamond Arm Push – sets of 20 x 3

Dufresne was an absolute BEAST today…T-claps for a great effort.


After multiple apologies to Dufresne, met with his wry smile, QIC did his best to connect the dots of the best Bible Verse he could find that deals with inner strength:

Philippians 4:13

“I can do everything through him who gives me strength.”

We give of our time and enthusiasm to help our brother Dufresne, and we see that we are helping him, but in that process, we are receiving far more from him.  Working with him is incredibly rewarding and it is obvious that he appreciates our efforts…even when things are not exactly smooth.  We prayed for strength for Dufresne as he works toward the goal of bearing weight on his legs by February.

Erica (Mrs. Dufresne) shared 4 copies of her book about the struggles they have faced (“miracles for daddy”) for the men of F3, along with a heartfelt thank you note describing what Hopebuilder on Tuesdays and Thursdays has meant to Jim, Erica and their family.  I immediately began to read the story, and it is incredible.  Money Hose and I each have the books that we will circulate to those that have interest.  I reiterate that participating in this workout will be among the best things you do in your entire week.  Sign up here: