24 Pax showed for Panty Hose Maiden Q and he threw down the hammer. After getting our backs torched by Honey Do the past 2 workouts it was time to even out dem pectorals. With 2 FNG’s the disclaimer was given (barely) and the beatdown ensued.

Warm Up:
– SSH x25
– Good Mornings x20
– Imperial Walker x20
– Windmill x20

Everyone grab a piece of curb:
Wheel of Merkin x15 in each position.

DoubleApplesauce Indian Run around the block to the entrance of the new parking deck. Partner up.
Each “Team” must complete OYO in order of their choice:
-100 Burpees
-200 Star Jumps
-400 LBC’s
One partner completes exercises while 2nd partner sprints to Oxford / Backpedals to deck driveway / bear crawls up driveway to deck.
(Props to Box Jump & Gutterball. They had already completed 150 burpees by the time YHC called his audible.)

Mosey on over to church stairs. Partner up.
Human wheelbarrow up the stairs. At every landing complete 5 wheelbarrow merkins.
Run around church to parking deck driveway and back to base of stairs for your partners turn at the human wheelbarrow.

While waiting for PAX to finish up the men completed:
– 10 merkins
– various plank holds

Once the Pax was full we completed 15 dips on railing.

-Pretzel LBC’s x15 for each leg
-Homer to Marge x20

– F3 Dads, April 18th @ Fletcher park
– Flag Football Fundraiser, April 25th (MacGruber has posted on the site regarding this.)

-Swirly’s sister-in-law who had cardiac surgery
-Unnamed F3’s father who also had cardiac surgery recently.
Vector Victor lead us out in prayer.

Welcome FNG’s Squirel and Woody.