Where You Stand
By now you’ve heard about the BRR and if you’re not committed, it’s at least in the back of your mind.

Raleigh/Churham already has several teams forming but we’ve recognized that there are several pax who still have questions about the event. There are a lot of details and logistics that are hard to explain in the few seconds we have at COT


At 7:30pm on Tuesday, 4/7, myself and several other HC’s of this year’s BRR will be at Yard House in North hills to go over and answer any questions about the race.

Whether you’re on a team, thinking about joining a team, or still not convinced on why you should be on a team, this info night is for you.

We’ll be going over..
– Race format and logistics
– Suggested Training and Training opportunities
– Gear and anything else you’ll need for the race (premature but good to talk about it)

We’ll also be answering any and all questions in an attempt to figure out why you may not be signed up yet.

Email Yo-Yo at mjwidman@ncsu.edu with questions/concerns.