A pax of 20 came out to Urban Jungle to sharpen their bodies and listen to jokes from the Q that his 8 year old made up.  This was my maiden Q for Urban Jungle.  The weather could not have been better a nice 54 degrees with a gentle breeze.  No FNG’s, disclaimers were given let the fun begin.

Warm Up:

SSH X 25, Windmill X 20, Imperial Walkers X 20, Good Mornings X 10, Sir Fazio Arm Circles X 10, Reverse, 10 Burpees OYO

The Thang:

Count off by 2’s.  Indian run to the bottom of Old Lassiter Mill Road, this is the Q’s old workout playground when he lived in the neighborhood.  It is a nice gradual hill that wears on you after a while.

1- pick a rock, 2- pick a partner who is holding a rock.

1- curls while 2- runs to the stop sign and back. Flapjack

1- overhead press while 2- runs to the stop sign and back. Flapjack

1- Rock squat 2 – runs backwards to the stop sign and back. Flap jack (after squats running backward up the hill introduces your thighs to some new feelings)

1 – Overhead Tri-cep Curl 2- Bear Crawl to first light run to the stop sign and back. Flap Jack

Plank Hold – until everyone is finished, low plank hold 10 count Nemo

1- curls 2 – Run to the stop sign and back. Low Squat hold until everyone is finished. Plank Hold – Low Plank Hold 10 count Dice.  Due to time constraints it was time to deliver the rocks to the pile and Indian Run back to the Jungle.  This was a little more challenging and the Indian Run/Walk broke up as we ascended out of the gloom.

Squat Hold in the parking lot while everyone gathered.  Sprint to the J C Penny wall for BTW.

Mary –

LBC X 20, American Hammer X 40

Announcements – Flag Football Sign up, Larry David has signed up which should open the flood gates for the other cool people to join in, Thursday at noon come to the Pit BBQ for some lunch and parables from an F3 brother.  All who are going to the Mud Run and have F3 flags bring them. The F3 Raleigh has been meeting at Chavis Park in SE Raleigh on Saturdays.

Prayer Requests – Hush Puppy’s Dad, Friar Tucks procedure, F3 brother in Charlotte who lost his wife this last weekend in an accident.  Psalms 46:1 “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

Country Wide took us out in prayer that touched on the Holy Week that we are in and all of those around.  Great job!

It is an honor and pleasure to lead such outstanding men this morning, I am humbled and thankful for each and every one of my F3 brothers.  God Bless each and every one of you and your families as you go about this the Holy Week as we remember the sacrifice that Jesus made for our sins.