Being fast and in shape is great and all, but sometimes its nice to just let your wife / girlfriend / etc enjoy a good gun show, or as Pantyhose so eloquently put it “get in Shackelford Banks shape.”  With that deep mentality in mind, we set out to tackle the following:

Warm Up:

Run around the soccer field and congregate in the middle for:

SSH x20; Mountain Climbers x20; merkins x20; Imperial Walkers x20; Sir Fazio Arm Circles x20

the Thang:

Jog over the the picnic hut, and partner up for:

30 pullups collectively, then

20 merkins each, then

30 pullups collectively, then

40 wheelbarrow pushup collectively, then

20 pullups collectively, then..

40 incline merkins collectively, with other partner in the plank position serving as the incline, then

Jog over to the tennis courts, and with partner:

100 burpees collectively, while other partner runs the length of 3 tennis courts and back, then

120 star jumps while other partner bear crawls to end of first tennis court and back, then

suicides on outside lines of all 3 tennis courts while none running partner holds a peoples chair, REPEATO

then, back to the picnic hut for:

20 toes to bar collectively (these were fun)


Russian Hammer x25


Welcome FNG’s Bubbles (sorry – my name creativity was just not there on Monday)

Flag Football Game on April 11th