A beautiful morning – perfect temp and low humidity greeted a PAX of 22 for a Deliverance-Larry David co-Q assault at Catalyst.  Two man Qs usually mean trouble and today was no exception.  Deliverance started off with a flurry of activity and YHC tried to maintain the pain.  Whether it worked or not, well, that’s up to the PAX to decide.  But here’s how it went:

The Thang:
Deliverance led PAX on quick job around Carroll Middle School to neighboring parking lot for warmup:
SSH x20
Precision Squat x 20
American Hammer x 20
Merkin x 20 (these were 4 count Merkins by the way)

Assemble in parking lot adjacent to Brueggers for some 4 corners with 20 reps at each corner.
Corner 1 – Merkin
Corner 2 – Star Jump
Corner 3 – Lunge Jump
Corner 4 – Dry docks
Here’s the hard part – bear crawl from one corner to next each time

Jacob’s Ladder on the hill with bear crawl up, run down, burpees at bottom starting at 5 going to 10.  It was impressive to watch Friar Tuck dominate this exercise.  He’s taking it to a new level.

At this point the PAX was handed over to YHC (Larry David).

Run to parking deck next to Chueys and partner up at the bottom.  This parking deck has 8 ramps with each ramp about 30 yards.
First ramp – ramp wheelbarrow with 10 wheelbrrow Derkins at the top of the ramp.  Flapjack for Second Ramp.
Third ramp – partner carry with wheelbarrow rows at top. Flapjack for Fourth Ramp.
Fifth ramp – ramp wheelbarrow to top with 10 Derkins with feet up on back of partner who is planking. Flapjack for Sixth Ramp.
Seventh Ramp – partner carry with wheelbarrow position squats at top. Flapjack for Eighth Ramp.
Once at top of deck, an abbreviated Jack Webb starting at 6 going to 10.  Time to head down so form two lines and Indian Run back down the deck.

Bottom of deck – Freddy Mercury x 30

Run to next open field – Rosalita x 30

Run to next open field – LBCs four count x 30

Run to home base to wrap up Mary
LBCs x 30
American Hammers x 30

At this YHC noted that we had time for one more exercise. YHC suggested Homer-to-Marge but then said “How do you do that again?”  Aah, the things we say and wish we didn’t. Without missing a beat, Chong Li  – “well that explains a lot”.  Ouch.  For that, we wrapped up with Homer-To-Marge x 40.

Naked Moleskin:
Announcements – Convergence on Monday for the Murph at Pullen Park. 7:00 am. F3 Dads workout May 31 9:30 at Fletcher Park. We have an excellent speaker coming to Players Retreat this Wednesday at 7:00 to talk about F3 and where it’s headed.

Elsinore took us out with an excellent prayer.

Thanks to Friar Tuck and Rainman for letting me co-Q this great group.  Welcome to Alamo (who hails from San Antonio) and we hope to see you often in the PAX.  YHC notes that he forgot to  invite Prayer Requests and please consider this apology to the PAX.