YHC pulled up to Dufresne’s to be greeted by a GORUCK t-shirt wearing, Ray Ban Aviator sporting Chong Li.  It had been a great week of visits with Dufresne and we were ready to make it three in a row.  It had been an inspirational week.  Great visits with Dufresne, Friar Tuck’s epic poem, “Rime of the Grocery Ruck,” which is a talented combination of prose and humor recounted the adventures of GRC #1014 had been distributed, and Chong Li gave YHC encouragement to check out Admiral William McRaven’s recent commencement address at the University of Texas.

After washing our hands, we headed upstairs to find Murse Chris holding a book in his right hand, Dufresne’s hand in his left, and reading to Dufresne.  Chong and I both paused at the door and just waited for a while, not wanting to interrupt.  Not sure either of us have even seen such caring for another brother as what we witnessed.

We slowly entered, greeted Murse Chris and Dufresne.  We shared some stories, Chong talked about the themes of Admiral McRaven’s commencement address, and the expansion efforts underway across F3Nation.  Philosophers were referenced and the value of struggle toward something good were imparted.  All this wisdom coming from Chong, YHC taking it all in from across Dufresne’s bed.  Many good things stemming from a profound community of men.  Following nameorama, Chong prayed us out strong.

As we departed, YHC pledged to check out Admiral McRaven’s address.  YHC can’t thank Chong enough.  Take 20 minutes and watch Admiral McRaven’s address if you’ve not seen it already.  Iron sharpens iron and this speaks to what we all strive toward.  Takeway for #Hopebuilder and all of us crazies…Hope is essential to change the world.  Start singing if you’re up to your neck in mud!  YHC thinks it’s time to bring back the ukulele.

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T-claps to wise sage Chong Li for being part of #Hopebuilder.

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