YHC aimed for some clown car action for Thursday’s #Hopebuilder.  Picking up Tongue and Groove, YHC updated him on Tuesday’s visit and how alert Dufresne had been, along with an overview of how #Hopebuilder came to be.  We were greeted by Cee Lo upon arrival, planted the VSF, and headed in to see Dufresne.  After entering and introductions, we started swapping stories with Dufresne that literally covered the waterfront – Alabama, GORUCK, GORUCK N.O.G.O.A. coming up in Asheville, BRR, and an account of GRC 1014 from Cee Lo as he followed the group around on bike.  Many laughs shared as we discussed the #CSAUP events we had been part of.

Cee Lo brought out a NCAA National Championship hat Square Toe had signed for Dufresne.  With Dufresne hailing from the great state of Alabama, the brim was already broken in. We talked about the things we have experienced during #Hopebuilder, the workouts with Dufresne, the inspiration, the struggles.

YHC reminded Dufresne that not a workout goes by without his name being mentioned.  Cee Lo remarked that Dufresne was mentioned during the most recent COT.  Following nameorama, we circled Dufresne for a BOM, and Cee Lo prayed us out with a strong prayer.  We let Dufresne know we would be back tomorrow.

  • T-claps to Tongue and Groove for making his first #hopebuilder post.  Look forward to having you back with us again soon.
  • T-claps to Cee Lo and Square Toe for their constant thoughtfulness and gestures of kindness to Dufresne and his family.
  • T-claps to all across F3Nation who faithfully keep Dufresne and his family in their prayers.  Don’t ever quit – it makes a difference and is greatly appreciated.