5 Regulars, 2 FNGs, 3 Cinderblocks, 1 Water Jug, and the spare tire off YHC’s car met up at The Weekend Crick for a Single-Wide/Kanye tag-team mini gear workout.  7 PAX total.  It was a brisk 55 degrees, sunny and blue skies.  Can’t ask for a better morning for some F3 pain to kick off Memorial Day weekend.  Among our festivities were newly named F3 soldiers The Plug and Snapchat.  We knew they were in trouble when The Plug asked what a burpee was.  Being that today’s theme was “leave no burpee behind”, The Plug was about to find out. Great work by all!

The Thang

Warmup (courtesy of Single-Wide)

  • SSH x20
  • Mountain Climbers x20
  • Burpees x5
  • Peter Parkers x20
  • Burpees x5
  • Burpees x5
  • Fazios x10
  • Reverse Fazios x10
  • Merkin x20
  • Burpees x5
  • Emperial Walkers x20
  • Burpees x5 (Burpee Count = 25)

Pass the Torch to YHC

The soccer field

  • Partner 1: Bear crawl to first cone, gorilla hop to second cone
  • Partner 2: Start the burpees (50 collective)
  • Flapjack until done (Burpee Count = 50)
  • Suicide run
  • Merkins x15
  • Karaoke Suicide
  • Burpees x5 (Burpee Count = 55)
  • Karaoke Suicide
  • Burpees x5 (Burpee Count = 60)

Pass the torch to Single-Wide

Gear Time

Station 1:

  • Partner 1: Shoulder press the water jug; x10
  • Partner 2: Air Squats x10

Station 2:

  • Partner 1: Lunge walk with Tire overhead
  • Partner 2: Crabwalk

Station 3:

  • Partner 1: Deep merkins on the cinderblocks x10
  • Partner 2: Burpees x10 (Burpee Count = 70)

Station 4:

  • Partner 1: Merkins x10
  • Partner 2: Derkins with feet on Partner 1s back x10

Repeato x2 (Burpee Count = 90)

Pass the torch to YHC


  • LBCs x15
  • Pretzel Crunch Right leg x15
  • Pretzel Crunch Left leg x15
  • Homer to Marge x10
  • Poke the hole x10
  • WWIIs x20
  • Burpees x10 (thats 100 folks)
  • Bridge March Left leg x15
  • Bridge March Right leg x15


  • Prayers for our servicemen past and present
  • Prayers for everyone traveling this weekend
  • Tclaps to the iron stallions Snapchat and The Plug for sticking it out today.  Hope to see them next Saturday.
  • Single-Wide took us out