9 Pax waded through the Gloom for this weeks Wednesday edition of Ethanol at Williams Park. The morning greeted us with a hint of humidity and fog that set the scene for this QIC’s theme of the day “Hoka Hey”.  Hoka Hey comes to us from the legendary Sioux warrior Crazy Horse. Crazy Horse was known to go into battle yelling “Hoka Hey”. Which can be interpreted as “It is a good day to die.” Don’t take this the wrong way what it really means is go out and live each day so in the end you will have no regrets. So go out and live each day to the fullest, “Hoka Hey.” The defending City Little League Superbowl Champions Redskins adopted Hoka Hey last year after spending sometime with another championship program out of Apopka, Fla. It was used to motivate our kids to leave it all on the playing field with no regrets at the end of the game. So if you have a 2.0 who between the ages of 10-11 we have 6 slots available for a few good boys.

Disclaimer was made in record time so we circled up.

SSH x 25

Mt. Climbers x 25

Plank Jacks x 25

Good Mornings x 25

Warm up jog around Williams Park. QIC took this time to explain today’s theme Hoka Hey. I am sure the tomato walking the dog became a little unsettled to see nine men jogging through the fog spouting Hoka Hey. Another trip around the loop this time an Indian run to honor our Sioux warrior for the day.

Circle up for Merkin Pyramids. Have to say I took this from the Pax in Churham land.

100 Merkins total. Nice work.

Next the Pax lined up for the card game. Flip a card with exercise of choice and do the number of exercises on the card.

Recover on the jog to the tennis courts for two rounds of burpee suicides.

Recover on the jog to the rock pile for two sets of rock curls, shoulder presses, and triceps extensions.


Freddy Mercury x 25 w/ perfect cadence.

WWII sit-up x 25 w/ perfect cadence.

Russian Hammer x 20 w/ rock w/ perfect cadence.


Pray for God’s grace and healing for Ventura’s sister as she battles cancer.

Cherry Berry took us out in a very powerful prayer.

The Pax definitely bought into the Hoka  Hey theme and left it all on the field today. Once again I was reminded by today’s Q that a little over a year ago I was the Sad Clown. Do yourself a favor and EH your buddies. Also, do yourself another favor. Sign up to Q. Hoka Hey!