Warm up: 11x good Mornings, 10x mountain climbers, 10x merkins, 9x imperial walkers

Tha thang: Jog around the square, 4×10 merkin variations in each corner, Lunges for 1/2 of a side, side shuffles for one whole side, reverse jog for one whole side.

Burpee freeze tag, 5x reps, 1 lap.

Head to the deck- 1 of the 4 PAX sprints up a ramp, chooses an exercise and does that exercise until remaining PAX catch up. Then next member of the PAX Sprints up a ramp as the remnants do 10x in cadence of the first sprinter’s exercise (First sprinter is included in this). Rotate through the PAX in order and repeat until you reach the top of the deck. 10 Burpees at the top.

Merry Mary: 25x Hammers, 20x Something I forget, 20x Flutter Kicks, 20x WW2s 15x Box Cutters.

Moleskin: If Eternity is real and the bible is true, there is no greater good than to preach the gospel. Therefore, don’t let you approval of the church be as culture’s:┬áthat┬áChristianity is acceptable because it is pragmatically useful (which it is) and does social justice. Instead, focus on the gospel.

Prayers for Orwell’s work proposal, FD & daughter, that Dangler (and all of us) will have chances to share his faith at work, that baby Keller will be healthy and for healing Kujo’s hurt calf.

Announcements- Sign up for the mud run by 7/15. Keep checking the web for new workouts.