As YHC researched some new ways to bring the pain last night he fired off his usual texts recruiting others to join in the Gloom with him the next day.  He got the usual excuses from all invited.  YHC was thinking it’s too late to invite Countrywide out to the quay perhaps he could sprinkle a little of him into his Q.

As YHC pulled into the park there was Howard headed up to plant the shovel flag at the top of the hill announcing Possum Trot was in session.  After 10 mins of extreme stretching(YHC was feeling the pains of the 5 mile Run/Walk at Hi-Fidelity yesterday) the PAX of 6 were off in Gloom.

The Thang…

Warm Up- Jog around the park, SSH X 30, Good Mornings X20

M-Run on the 4 Tennis Courts(Kareoke, Side Shuffles, Sprints but mostly jogging)- 6 Mins

“Countrywide” Special- “Big Boy Jack Webs”- Grab your rock then 11s Push Ups and Rock Lifts

Spartan 500- Dips, WWIIs, Squats, Hammers, Balls to the Wall

COT- The Spartan took a little longer than YHC thought so we didn’t have time for Mary, however with the Hammers and WWIIs there were none complaining.  Mud Run is Oct 4th, Peak Week and New Mexico are planning to add 30-45 mins of extra running Pre-Work out during the week be on the look out for pre-blast emails.  Prayer request for New Mexico’s wife’s Cousin Sandie she again had brain surgery yesterday.  Each of the Pax called out their kids ages and names, and Howard as always lead a mighty prayer.

It’s such a pleasure to lead you men.  YHC is so blessed to have found F3 and blessed to be one of you!  Until next time!