With the Blue Ridge Relay a mere 48 hours away, the running PAX were scarce at Hi-Fidelity in the pre-dawn gloom of Martin Middle School.  However, two separate running couples were spotted on the track, running in various directions – note, they were ripe for an EH from Floppy Disk.  At the same time TWO brave F3 men took to the workout completing 4.3 miles in our 45 minutes alloted.

The Thang

Warm-up for 1/2 mile with high knees, butt-kickers, and three stride accelerations.

Circle up for dynamic stretching.    This engineer and any mathematicians in the PAX should quickly point out that a circle of two is actually a line segment of fixed length.  It is not possible to ” circle up” with two points… but I digress

  • Wind-mills x 16
  • Imperial Walkers x 17
  • King David Kicks x 15

The main event

  • 3 x 1 km @ T-pace (targeted for 7:15/mile – actual was 6:25 – 7:30) with 200 m recovery
  • 6 x 200 m @ R-pace (targeted for 6:08/mile = 46 sec – actual was 43 – 45 sec per 200) with 200 m recovery

COT – cross-reference again the note above addressing the geometry of Euclid.

Naked Moleskine

  • Convergence next Wednesday in honor and memory of 9/11/2001.  See http://f3nation.com/2013/09/02/9-11-convergence-pre-blast/.  Hi-Fidelity will represent in the stair-climb
  • Rotating Qs for the next few weeks after Convergence.  Yo-yo, Flatline, and Ben Johnson all have the helm shortly.
  • Keep our Blue Ridge Relay brethren in your thoughts and prayers this weekend.  Sorry I am missing out on the overnight fun.