Once again the darkness of being outside the beltline showed in the brightness of the stars and the difficulty of seeing.  But YHC planned ahead and brought a mini-flashlight to read his notes.


With only 5 in the PAX, three from Raleigh YHC was concerned the attrition was too high and Southern Wake County workouts were a limited time offer.  Hoping to see another face or two we stuck to the entrance of the park for our warm up.

Run around the tennis courts then Side straddle  hops x 25, Crossover Imperial Walkers x 25, **entrance by Vaseline** Mountain Climbers x 20, and Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 10 each way.

Meander to the low field for Windmills x 20, Sprint the field, 5 Burpees, 15 Windmills, Sprint, 6 Burpees, Sprint, 7 Burpees

Saunter to the middle field for Animal Home Runs: Bear Crawl to first, Crab Walk to second, Gorilla Run to third and Crab Walk reverse to home.  Do it again!

We stopped at the Concession stand for refreshment, but only found some brick walls for People’s Chair and Balls to the Wall.

A few steps away we did a mini-merkin wagon wheel with Diamonds, Regular, Wide, Offset Left, Offset Right and Wide.  YHC couldn’t continue so we didn’t complete the wagon wheel.

At the upper field we faced right field as we ran the bases: Sprint to first, karaoke to second, backwards to third, and karaoke to home.  Lets do that two more times!

Stepping over to the grass we did a plank o rama: High, Putin, Sarkozy and Bird Dogs.

A quick Bear Crawl up the hill to the road and then an abbreviated Mary featuring, Dying Cockroaches, Froggys and Russian Hammers brought us to COT.

Naked Moleskin

We reminded everyone that next week is the 9/11 stair climb.  Flags and weighted backpacks are welcomed.

Inviting others in the area to join us in the gloom is key to seeing a strong presence in South Wake County.

The Mule is coming October 5. Plan to be there.

YHC is once again deeply grateful to the men who travel down to Fuquay to help make this happen.