Heigh Ho

15 Pax shook off the haze of a 3-day weekend, ventured into the muggy gloom, put on their hardhats and went back to work.  #NoEndlessSummer

The Thang:

Warmup: Jog around carousel and circle up near Andy and Opie for SSH’s, Windmills, Cross body IW’s, Peter Parkers, Parker Peters

Robert Plants up stairs behind carousel x3

Mosey up hill to Round House Pavilion for some leg work: Alternating single leg squats x14, Alternating step ups x 20, Standing calf raises x 20 – Repeato

Head down hill to grassy area for Plank-o-Rama: Standard x 15, Sarkozy x 10, Putin x 10, Bird Dog Left x 12, Bird Dog Right x 12, TD Curls Left x 12, TD Curls Right x 12

Jog over to bottom of the Half Pipe and partner up for the Quarter Pipe (affectionately dubbed the Half-Half Pipe by YHC): Partner 1 sprints up hill to picnic shelter, does an exercise and sprints back down while Partner 2 does an exercise at the bottom of the hill, then flapjack.

  • Round 1:  irkins x 10 at top, prisoner squats at bottom
  • Round 2:  derkins x 10 at top, mountain climbers at bottom
  • Round 3:  irkins x 10 at top, squat hold at bottom
  • Round 4:  derkins x 10 at top, lunges at bottom

Head back down to ampitheater for 4 minutes of Mary:  Cross body crunches x 20, Hammers x 20, Rosalita x 22, Scissors x 21


Verse of the Day:  2 Thessalonians 3:10 – 13:  “For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule. ‘If a man will not work, he shall not eat.’  We hear that some among you are idle.  They are not busy; they are busybodies.  Such people we command and urge in the Lord Jesus Christ to settle down and earn the bread they eat.  And as for you, brothers, never tire of doing what is right.”

The Skin:

  • Strong work by the Pax today – no busybodies here.  Not sure who had it worse – those posting for the first time since before Labor Day weekend, or those who endured Maize’s beatdown at yesterday’s convergence.  No telling what the man would have put us through had he not still been trying to shake walking pneumonia/bronchitis/The Crud.  Prayers for continued recovery, my friend.
  • Welcome and TClaps to FNG Bartman.  Well done today, despite the #CurseOfTheGoat following you around.
  • Continued prayers for TARP’s grandfather recovering from injury.  Man is 94 and continues to defy the odds.  Strong.
  • 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb:  Honor the fallen and the survivors next Wednesday, 6 am, Moore Square in downtown Raleigh.  This will be the only Raleigh workout next Wednesday.  Weighted packs optional.  Preblast here:  http://f3nation.com/2013/09/02/9-11-convergence-pre-blast/
  • New Wednesday Fuquay Workout:  5:45 am @ Action Park in the Quay.  Howard is your site Q.  Put the EH on guys you know in that area. This workout will go as scheduled next Wednesday.
  • Second Annual Running of The Mule:  Saturday, October 5.  Put it on your calendars. Launch time is 6 am from Pullen (not Fletcher as my esteemed colleague noted in his backblast from yesterday).  Approximate finish time is 10 am.  Start hydrating now.  #CSAUP 

That is all.