18 PAX + YHC Ventured out into the gloom for yet another truly gritty beat down.

Warm up: 20x SSH, 20x Good mornings, 11x SF Arm circles, 11x Reverse SFAC, 20x imperial walkers.

Tha thang: Jog up the hills towards the dip bars. At the split for the the dip bars divide into three groups.

Group 1: 20x dips in cadence (timer) Group 2: Bear crawls down the hill to the bridge and job back up, 5x merkins at either end. Group 3: Gorilla walk up the hill from the bridge and jog back down 5x merkins at either end. Rotate until every group has been through all exercises.

Jog to the wall across the bridge: 10x “In-outs” (in handstand position: walk your hands out 2 steps and then back in), 10x handstand shoulder taps, 20x precision squats. Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

Jog back to the split in the trail by the dip bars, stop on the hill: 15x incline merkins.

Jog to the dock: 25x single leg squat (L), 25x single leg squat (R), 20x derkins, 14x SLS (L), 14x SLS (R), 15x derkins.

Jog towards the dam, stop at the hill: Break into 3 groups again, Group 1 sprints up the hill, while the other two plank it out. Rotate through until all groups have sprinted up the hill 2x. Then All groups jog backwards up the hill. Turn it around at the top and pick up the pace across the top of the dam. Circle up in the field for Merrrrrrryyyy.

20x Heels to Heaven (KEEP LEGS STRAIGHT), 20x WW2 , 20x Low interval windshield wipers (6″ leg holds from side to side: thanks KD), 20x LBC, 45deg leg hold 5 count around the horn into COT.

Prayer for MacGruber’s Step-Mom and Praise that Emcee Cinnamon’s sister accepted Christ.