Two Score and 14 days ago, YHC’s “oldometer” entered his fifth decade and was promptly asked to take the Jungle PAX on a tour through the land of the Northern Hills.  We do have a layaway plan here, but it requires a large “downPAINment”.  28 PAX rolled out of their Fart Sacks into the gloom and promptly showed up for another dose of the Urban Jungle.  After experiencing many workouts led by the “20-somethings” in the PAX, YHC was ready to deliver…Before getting started, I informed the PAX that this would be a “whole body workout”…meaning at some point they would be carrying someone’s whole body…and off we went…

The Thang:

Warm-Up:  SSH x 40, Fazio Arm Circles x 20, Reverse Fazio Arm Circles x 20, Alternate Leg Lunge w/Squats in the middle x 20

ROUND 1:  Divide into 2 Groups (even, odd) for an Indian Run around the parking deck to the bottom of the hill behind Target.

Staying in our groups, 2 guys sprint to the top of the hill (next group of 2 wait 3 seconds before sprinting); At the top of the hill, 20 Merkins on your own finishing with a 10 count Plank hold

Lunge Walk to REI

Mountain Climbers x20 (paying homage to our REI friends)

Bear Crawl to Main Fountain at the Roundabout

Circle/Square up at the Faux Grass in front of the Movie Theater


Squat Jumps x20

Merkins x20

Plank Hold w/Alternating Shoulder Tap x20

10 Burpees on your own

Jog to bottom of the parking garage (2 flights down)

Staying in our same groups, Partner Carry up 1 deck – Flapjack to the top, Jog back down and switch.  At the top, plank it out until all are done.  For those that couldn’t carry, the alternate option was Bear Crawls to the top, jog back down and repeat.

Jog to the Fountain of Youth

Group 1 – 10 double jumps; Group 2 – 10 Carolina Dry Docks – Flapjack

Whole group – Sarkozy w/10 count followed by Putin w/10 Count

Jog back to the parking lot; Circle up for Mary!

LBC x20; Reverse LBC x20; Russian Hammer x40

COT:  ManRam got his name after saying his favorite player was Cal Ripken, Jr.  Sticking with the baseball theme, I shared some thoughts on the life lessons we get through this wonderful game which have been on my mind lately as I’m coaching my son’s fall baseball team.  One of my favorite quotes is:  “Baseball is the only game where you can fail 70% of the time and still be considered one of the greats.”  This is of course referring to a player’s batting average.  However, in life we often have days where we strikeout or get 1 hit as well as days when we make the walk-off game winning hit.  In the midst of the ups and downs we experience as husbands, fathers, sons, friends, neighbors, employers, employees, etc., we can take comfort knowing that our Heavenly Father loves us and forgives us for all our mistakes and is there to pick us up when we need the strength to carry on.

Moleskin:  Gnobby is leading the 9/11 Stair Run at Moore Square Parking Deck next week – 6am start